Bimetal bushing (tin and aluminum based )

Bimetal bushing (tin and aluminum based ):
This bimetal bushing is a high tin and aluminum based bushing, which adopts steel as backing and is coated a lining of AlSn20Cu through rolling treatment. It is a fairly good fatigue resistance, load capatity and good anti-corrosion and also performs well in bearing's sliding properties. It is widely applied under high speed and low load such as in internal combustion engine, air compressor and cooling machine.
Lead Bronze Alloy: AlSn20Cu
Load capacity: 30N/mm 2
Temperature limit: 150 C
Harderness Alloy: (30~40)HB
Lead Bronze Alloy:AlSn20Cu Temperature limit:150 C Harderness Alloy:(30~40)HB

Product Origin:Zhejiang province,China  
Model Number:bush-0623  
Brand Name:JANMON.   OEM  

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