Solid Lubricating Sliding Bushing,Self-lubricating bearing,BUSH

Solid Lubricating Sliding Bushing,Self-lubricating bearing,BUSH


Solid Bronze bushings and plates,Sliding Plate,Solid Lubricating Bushings,Solid Sliding Oilles Bush,Solid Lubricating Sliding Bushing,Self-lubricating bearing,Guide bushes, Graphite plugged oilles bearing bushing
Solid Sliding Oilles Bush,This type of self-lubricating bearing is also called #500 oilless bearing,Brass bearing,Copper bushing,Solid sliding bearing bushing,Oilles bronze bearing, Graphite plugged oilles bearing bushing,Guide bushes and Graphite filled bearing.
Standard material: CuZn25A16Fe3Mn3 + Graphite
Other material can be customized based on your requirement
(1)Have Incomparable performance under a high load,low speed operation.Also perform well without lubrication
(2)Excellent wear resistance in such places where an oil film is difficult to be formed due to reciprocating,oscillating motions and frequently intermittent operations
(3)Remarkable resistance to corrosion and resistance to chemical attack
(4)Maintenance free and save operating cost.

Product Origin: CHINA
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Brand Name: JANMON

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